Don’t tase me bro!

So a friend or two from the bustling metropolis of Nashville were kind enough to point out to me that I’ve hardly posted at all since the softball season ended. While that may be true, I have good news. Not only will I be playing with the same bunch of scavengers from last year, it turns out my subdivision put together a coed team too and I have been summarily recruited. That’s right, I will be playing on TWO softball teams this year. At least for the first season.

I think MK is a little worried I am going to kill myself and, quite frankly, I can’t blame her for that. We will see how it goes though. I am excited and for those that can’t get enough of the softball post (and I know you’re out there….. mom….) this could be just your ticket to literally hours of entertainment in 2008. Ah, who am I kidding – I know you all tune into the blog just to hear that I broke my ankle in some bizarro beer run incident or something like that. Deep down though, I know you really read because you care… and stuff… so thanks man!

Anyway, to address the delinquency in posting I am just going to throw out some wisdom from the immortal philosopher, 50 Cent:

You complain that we don’t spend time,
When I’m OT on the grind going hard for mine.”

To be perfectly honest, I have no idea what that means but it sounds really cool so it has to be the reason. Speaking of cool, feel free to show some love to this week’s poll.

Till next time,


Rebecca - You know when you don’t blog we here in the bustling metropolis of Nashville start scouring the obits (on-line of course) for the greater San Antonio area…how else are we supposed to know that you are still alive and kickin’? ; )

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Tampa – seems so long ago…

So as many of you may, or may not, know MK and I went to Tampa for a seminar on Wedding Photography back at the beginning of January.  I can’t begin to tell you how much information we soaked up from some of the best photographers in the world. It was truly an inspirational trip. Not only did I learn A LOT, I made a lot of new friends too. As if that weren’t enough, this was the view from our room every evening.

Tampa is a cool town. We will have to head back down there some day when we have time to give a thorough checking out!


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8 Lives Left…

Ok, so in the spirit of Christmas, I thought I would share something with you that I find to be not only hilarious but it would also make a nice Christmas gift if you’re looking for a gift to give me at the last minute. If you haven’t been put in stitches yet by RapCat ( then you HAVE to check that out. The video, seriously, had me in tears.

Man, what I wouldn’t do to get a hold of ‘Look What I Dragged In!’. That would seriously replace ‘Kenny G Christmas’ at the old Sprayberry Chateau this holiday season. Word.

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Jingle Bells…

So we have this holiday tradition in the Sprayberry family. Every year either my brother, Dwayne, or I host Christmas at our ponderosa. Dwayne lives in North Houston and last year Mary Kate, my mom and I descended on his house to exploit his hospitality for a few days. This year it is Mary Kate’s and my turn to host. Good times man, good times.

I really like putting up Christmas lights but at the same time, not getting on the ole HOA Hitlist for going Clark Griswald on the neighborhood. This year I am going to go ahead and disregard the fact that it is about 110 degrees out two weeks before the big day and just get my Christmas on in spite of the heat wave. So here is a little glimpse at our lights this year… so far… 🙂




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All good things…

So it’s true, all good things do eventually come to an end. Haha! You probably thought I was talking about this awesome blog, since I have been a little remiss in updating lately. Actually, I was talking about our softball season. We lost two of our last three games, winning our season finale to go 2-8 on the season. Not exactly what we had hoped for but I think we had a good time – maybe! Anyway, I finally do have a picture of the team – pretty motley looking crew now that I really look at them.

As for the blog, it has been busy lately to put it mildly. I know it’s a good thing when a business is actually doing business but it did manage to take away from the blogging so I am happy to be back at it. Not to mention there are a ton of weddings to post. Stay tuned…


Dave Q. - First off, the dude in the middle has some sexy legs. And second, you are lucky your team won 2 games with a girl wearing flip-flops.

I heard that somewhere today.

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