Hello strangers…

I know it’s not just me that has been neglecting his\her blogging responsibilities lately. Quite a few of the blogs I frequent have been delinquent as well so I would like to personally hold them all responsible for my indiscretions too. 🙂

On that note, it is kind of sad that I haven’t been writing because a lot actually has been going on. Stay tuned for posts over the coming days about a REALLY big contest, paintball, a tree, 3 portrait sessions, 4 weddings, the softball collapse, a potential update on the restoration project I’ve been neglecting for 6 years, the NHL and NBA playoffs and last but not least, two upcoming photography projects.

Stay tuned…


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Is it Easter yet?

Haha, I sure tricked you there didn’t I? Easter was last week! So needless to say, if you talked to me last week, you could probably tell we were a little busy. Between several consultations, two engagement sessions, two beautiful weddings, a softball loss (yes I snuck that in) and the Easter Bunny visiting – there wasn’t a whole lot of time for posting. Thanks to my good buddy and life long pal Rebecca for pointing that out to me.

We have A LOT of exciting things that will hopefully be hitting the blog in the next couple of days. In addition to the two portrait sessions and two weddings, we also have a couple of pretty big announcements to make – we are just finalizing some of the details and making sure everyone involved is aware that they are involved. 🙂 That is probably a good thing. So stay tuned for that…

Regarding this alleged softball season. Let’s just say it isn’t exactly going according to plan. Even our post game beer drinking has lacked that certain spark it has had in seasons past. Last year, as you may remember, our team got bumped up to a more competitive league for the last season of the year and we didn’t fare so well up in the big leagues. This season we decided to jump back down and wouldn’t you know it, our lack of success jumped back down with us! This season started with such promise too – we crushed the Hard Rock Cafe team 22-2. Since then we’ve lost 3 games in a row. Last night was a tough one because we were 3 points back going into the final inning and ended up losing by 4. They were a really cool team though so while no one really likes losing, it is certainly better to lose to a bunch of cool people then a bunch of jerks. But enough with this doom and gloom, we still get to play Hard Rock Cafe once more this season so we should get at least one more win! 🙂 (no offense HRC)

So my dog is going to the vet today. We had a dog when I was growing up that used to love to go for rides in the car. What was funny though, is the dog could always tell when we were taking him to the vet and would start flippin out. It got to the point where my mom would start taking different routes to the vet to try and throw the dog off but he was too smart for her. Crazy dog. Anyway our current pup, Blue, isn’t exactly a pup anymor. Her 10th birthday is about 3 months away. She just loves going to the vet. To be perfectly honest, she just loves going anywhere that she is going to get some attention! If she has to take a few shots, a few unpleasant probes or give some blood so be it – as long as there is some affection mixed in. You’ve gotta love dogs…

So, that last paragraph was a pretty vague hint at one of the big announcements. Anyone care to hazard a guess?


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Ok, so I made a post here on Wednesday where I linked to a fake ad I put on Craigslist saying my dog had placed the ad trying to sell my wife’s cat. Two things have come to light since I placed that ad. First, I guess a lot of people in San Antonio check out Craigslist. Second, there are a lot of gullible and apparently instable people in San Antonio.

Let’s just say I received a response or two ranging from those that must have thought $5 was too much so they felt inclined to negotiate – to those that wanted to know where I lived so they could pick it up on their way home from work (no less than 10 of these requests) – to those that figured I would get a lot of responses and offered more than $5. There were a couple that said I was stupid for letting the cat go and one in particular questioned my manhood and called me quite a few colorful names. She said she already had too many cats but in spite of that she was coming to get my cat because obviously I was incapable of providing it with a proper home.

I showed these emails to my wife’s cat and told him if he didn’t straighten up I was sending him to live with crazy cat lady. We’ll see how that works out for me. So, consequently, I decided to take the ad down. I mean, it’s no secret that I am a registered gun owner but when you’re dealing with crazy cat lady who likely has Google Earth and Google Streets bookmarked, it’s probably just better to be safe than sorry.

For those of you that missed the ad, here it is for your viewing pleasure…

Happy Friday!


Rebecca - Um, does this mean I’m not getting the effeminate cat??? Srsly…those are soo hard to find…I guess it’s back to petfinders.org for me….

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How you doin…

Someone asked me today if I neglected to post about last night’s softball game because we lost. After repeatedly pummeling that old lady, I regained my composure and assured her that while we had indeed lost the game, I wasn’t running from said loss and I would post about it before the end of the day. So there you have it old lady, we lost. I hope you’re happy now.

It was good game right up until that losing part though. We played the team with the porn-ish name that I am really not comfortable posting here, you may remember me posting about them last season. They are a good team with a lot of really cool players and I like that team a lot. That was probably our 7th or 8th time playing them in the last year and a half and we have pretty evenly split the games. I like them because they’re good, they play hard and they don’t talk a lot of trash. Cool team but with a porno name… Kinda weird… 🙂

So Mary Kate is out of town on business this week and when I came home today I noticed someone had been messing with my computer. I started doing some investigating and it turns out, my dog tried to sell my wife’s cat on Craigslist. Completely Awesome! Anyway, if you’re interested in buying the cat or if you just want to have a look at the ad, you can check it out here. Turns out my dog is not so bad at taking pictures. My dog, Blue, has approached me about the idea of starting her own blog, which I think is not a half bad idea. Stay tuned for details.

Last Friday I shot an e-session with Mandy and Andy. He is finishing up medical school and she is a nurse. I am pretty sure they met while they were bowling or something. Anyway, they are a really cool couple and we got some really good shots. Check back tomorrow to check them out…

Happy March 12th!


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Well, well, well…

So, it appears as though we have a new blog layout working here… pretty snazzy eh? I would like to thank my good buddy and life long pal, Eric Doggett, for his assistance in getting this bad boy online. There is also a new fancy pants website coming to compliment the new blog layout so stay tuned… I am REALLY excited about the new website!

You’re probably wondering why there haven’t been many updates or pictures posted lately. Well, there are two reasons really. First, my friend Rebecca from Nashville is supposed to be notifying me when I am not posting at least once a week. Clearly she has dropped the ball here. Second, as weddings go, this is really about the only slow time of year in Texas. It actually has been a nice little break to let MK and I recharge and work on some of the behind the scenes stuff like the website, the blog, all those orders you placed that seemed like they took a while to get to you (that was all in your head by the way). So now we are all caught up and ready for the 2008 wedding season.

Speaking of new seasons, that’s right, it’s softball season again! So last night was our first game with good ole Tappa Kegga. First of all, I would like to make it clear that this is a co-ed team so it’s not really a fraternity despite the name. Second, ummmm, Tappa Kegga is not even a real fraternity name. I can’t believe you thought it was. Haha, you’re crazy!

Anyway, the team has been practicing for the better part of a month now. I use the phrase ‘the team’ loosely there because quite honestly, I didn’t feel like spending any of my few weekends off running around chasing a little ball all over creation so I went Allen Iverson on ‘the team’ and skipped those practices. The result of that decision was, I was the odd man out in the first game last night and did not get to play. I was pretty sure that decision was going to cost ole Tappa Kegga the game (I am joking about this) but, I was wrong. The final score was 22-2. So there you have it – ‘the team’ is 1-0 to start the season and I haven’t made a single error and my batting average is perfect so far.

On that note, I was also conned into playing on a co-ed team for my subdivision that will be playing on Friday nights. I have a funny feeling this stint is going to last only one season and not the whole year. I have this crazy feeling I am going to get injured and be hobbling around all day at someone’s wedding this spring and I just don’t want to do that so, unless they change nights for the summer season, I am probably going to be one and done for the subdivision team. The good news is, at least for the next couple of months, you should be seeing AT LEAST, two posts here per week.

So who is watching American Idol?


Rebecca - I have obviously been underperforming at my title of “blog-update-nagger”. However, now that I know what is expected, you will be living up to that two posts per week bit or else I will have to jump a Southwest flight to Texas to kick your lily rear…..

Eric Doggett - Snazzy new blog header there! 🙂

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