Valentine’s Day…

So I am going to take a slightly different tack than the normal posts you will see about Valentine’s Day. I don’t really feel like I fall into the ‘it’s the most romantic day of the year’ camp any more than I fall into the ‘it’s the most overtly commercial waste of all time’ camp. I just think Valentine’s Day is just kind of funny to watch – a spectator sport if you will.

Regarding those that actively participate, it seems to me you typically fit into one of a couple of different categories – you participate because you are scared to find out what will happen if you don’t.

 Or, you look upon this as the one day of the year you can openly express your inner-stalker without all the typical ridicule and other law enforcement fanfare. In this regard I would say it is very similar to Halloween in that women get to unleash their inner-slut without repercusions (more on this in October). But today, today is your day to stalk, closet stalker – now go make the most of it. Seriously, there is a Bud Light ‘Real American Genius’ commercial in there some where.

Then there is the guy (or girl) that just won’t let it go. These situations always make me think of this funny poster I saw once regarding  Persistence. Digging their hole even deeper by over- gifting someone on Valentine’s Day that has no interest in your gifts. This is just a Drew Barrymore movie waiting to happen. Speaking of Drew Barrymore, is it me or are they trying to turn her into the next Meg Ryan? I, for one, am NOT buying it. Meg Ryan was cute, Drew Barrymore is ummmm, NOT!

The one good thing I see in Valentine’s Day is that there are a lot of guys out there that will be proposing to their significant others today. Hopefully, I will get a call or seven about shooting their pending nuptials. For all you fellas out there, like David Quesada, long overdue on asking some young lady to be your wife – now would be a good time to check my availability!’

Happy Valentines Day!!!

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Le Politically Correct?

Today I had lunch with my good friends David and Horbi. This is not an unusual occurence, David and I have done this at least once a week or so for the better part of five years (give or take a year spent in Nashville) and Horbi and I for the better part of a year. It’s not uncommon for us to go several times in a week. Having said that, it’s hard to imagine that there would be too many places we HAVEN’T been to lunch, but today we tried a new place.

Now I had been to Le Madeline before, a couple of times, with my wife and I love the food. David and Horbi had never been. For those not familiar with it, it is a franschised French place with awesome food but it’s VERY feminine in every aspect of the decor. It’s probably safe to say that the female to male ratio of their clientele is probably 80/20 to the gentler sex. It’s also safe to assume that it would be a nice place for a single guy to ‘people watch’ since it’s a somewhat trendy little spot. Cliff’s Notes version – it’s a chick place with good food and lots of hot girls. Did I mention how much I love my wife?

Anyway, due to the predominant make-up of their client base (no pun intended) I started wondering… was it appropriate for 3 guys to be eating there without a single female in our group? Were we encroaching on their territory or invading their space? It’s not like you ever see 3 girls walk into a Hooters without some form of testosterone. Then I shook myself and realized, Politically Correct is NOT an appropriate frame of mind for me to explore!

With that in mind, I say, if women don’t want men going to lunch at Le Madeline without a wife, girlfriend or some other appropriate disquise then they should stop making such good food.

Discuss amongst yourselves…

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Today started out so great…

Today started out so great. I got a good night of sleep and woke up refreshed. My wife looked EXTRA-HOT getting ready for work. I got a lot done early in the morning and had some time to play around in the afternoon. So I made and ordered some nice business cards, I am anxious to get them!

I called my buddy Horbi to see if he wanted to go to a hockey game tonight. Horbi is a really good guy and entertaining at the same time. He is from Puerto Rico so when he is speaking English there is a little bit of a language gap from time to time. Who am I kidding, damn near everything out of his mouth is funny! Not to mention his name. We used to work together in the same building, now he works at another building across town. When we used to go to lunch it was always great when a hostess would ask him his name and then we would get the re-translation when they let us know our table was ready. It always cracked me up how Horbi could become – Harvey, Herby, Hardy, Henry, Orvy – the list goes on and on.

One of the funniest all-time Horbi stories happened when we were in the office one day talking about Lost. I am not a Lost fan but my wife is. I was mentioning to Horbi how Lost is one of the first shows to really use HDTV and Tivo to the fullest and that a lot of things that you can see on HDTV you can’t see on regular TV and even with HDTV you sometimes need to rewind stuff and play it again in slow motion. So Horbi starts getting all excited and just bouncing out of his chair. He starts telling me ‘Oh man, I love Lost so much! My wife and I watch it all the time, I can’t get enough of it… Just talking about it now gives me CHICKEN SKIN!’

 It took me a second to realize what he was trying to say and I have to tell you – I am not sure I have laughed as hard since that day…

Anyway, not to end this on a down note, but after leading for most of the game our hockey team found a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory yet again. After three years you kind of get used to the perpetual losing and learn to enjoy the creative ways your team develops to create a loss out of a win. Horbi and I still had a good time though, so I guess the day ended as well as it started…

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Riding the bike…

We’ve had pretty good weather in San Antonio for the most part this week. I got to ride my motorcycle into work one day and that was beyond awesome since it’s been over a month since I was able to do that. I am thinking I am going to try and talk Nathan and Nicole into posing for some pictures today since it is so nice out.

When I worked with Raymond in Corpus Christi, we did a lot of portraits in the studio and I never really enjoyed that as much as the location shoots. I guess to a certain extent it was the style at the time but to this day I think outdoor portraits just have a look about them that is extremely appealing as opposed to studio portraits.

I think I’ve found a nice little spot to shoot close the house. I am excited to shoot there. If I can talk them into doing it today, I will post some pictures online later.

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Happy New Year!

So as you may or may not have heard, it is now 2007. MK and I did absolutely nothing for New Years and I kind of like it like that although I think that may change in the years to come. I read something today where someone referred to New Years Eve as ‘Amatuer Night’ and while it seems true, it’s pretty funny too.

I just got back from scoping out some sites I want to use to shoot some portraits of a few friends this week. I had this scary crazy idea, since I am having such a hard time finding opportunities to shoot sample wedding work, I am just going to create some of my own portrait opportunities and see where it takes me. I am also going to get in touch with a few photographers I used to work with and see about offering my services as a second shooter for free.

I just can’t emphasize enough how anxious I am to get started. It sucks sitting back and having so many ideas I think are great only to have to wait to put them into motion. I’m so patient… 🙂

Happy New Year!


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