Bourne Ultimatum…

So I am typically not a ‘go to the movies’ kind of guy. Having spent a fair amount of money on a home theater system, I tend to find myself waiting for movies to come out on HBO or Showtime in HD. Of course, my wife talks me into these things from time to time but it is rare I really feel a movie is going to be too good to wait a couple of months. In fact, this year, we’ve seen exactly tthree – ‘Blades of Glory’, ‘Reno 911 – Miami’ and ‘Ocean’s Thirteen’. We would have gone to see ‘Shrek 3’ but we just never got around to it.

Then comes Bourne Ultimatum. I have been waiting to see this movie since I heard they were making it. I actually never saw either of the first two at the cinema so I guess it is a little odd that I am so anxious for the third. I remember the last time I felt this way was when the second version of ‘The Matrix’ came out. I didn’t think that was as disappointing as some people said it was BUT I didn’t rush out to see the third version either.

Now there are actually a couple of movies out that I am interested in. So with that in mind comes this week’s poll. As promised last week, there will be a special selection option for those of you that haven’t yet felt compelled to vote. Enjoy…

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Visitors from the Middle East…

So some of the more observant visitors to the blog have noticed the world map of the blog hits and asked me about it. Those are actual locations of people checking out the blog and yes there are some hits from both Afghanistan and Iraq. It turns out, I may be shooting a wedding in the Spring of 2008 for a very cool couple that are over there serving our country. I am REALLY excited about this wedding, not only because Kirstin and her family seem so cool but also because what they’re doing really means a lot to me. I don’t want to jinx it by giving away too much info but let’s just say I am REALLY excited about the potential.

So for those of you that didn’t notice the map, I don’t want you to go getting an inferiority complex about your observation skills (or lack of in this case). Let’s just say that I probably won’t be asking you to house sit if my wife and I ever go on vacation though. I mean you might see we have food and water dishes for a dog and a cat and not even realize that we actually HAVE a dog and a cat! Sorry, I can’t risk it. I care about the dog too much and she needs to get her munch on.


edited to add: ummmm no, I would not be going over to Iraq to shoot the wedding – they are both coming back to San Antonio and thankfully they are coming back soon…

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Leather Craftsman Albums…

I spent the day Tuesday in a class learning about Leather Craftsman albums and how to maximize their potential. I love Leather Craftsman – they are, hands down, the best album out there and it was really cool of them to come give the presentation. I had a great time and learned a lot. Not only that but I got FREE LUNCH too! So that was a bonus. As much as those albums cost though, you would have thought they would have thrown in free dinner and maybe a bottle of wine too but I can’t exactly complain about free lunch so I will just leave it at that…

So in addition to that, I met with a really cool bride Tuesday evening, Diarra. She is getting married in March. Her mom is really funny and I had a good time meeting with them. Of course, the album class wrapped up about 20 minutes before what is typically a 30 minute drive to where I was supposed to meet Diarra – did I mention it was rush hour? Anyway, they were very understanding so that was cool.

To wrap up my Tuesday we had a coed softball re-match against our arch nemisis and the only team to beat us this season. I would put that team’s name here but it is kinda porno so if you just HAVE to know, shoot me an email and I will fill you in. So for most of the game we were losing but keeping it close. Then in the last two innings our team turned it on and we ended up beating them 14-7.  Of course that called for a celebratory beer in the parking lot after the game. I am pretty sure everyone had one but my mate Dave (you’re a legend Dave…). Turns out Dave only drinks Zima and since no one thought to procure any, poor Dave went thirsty. So for those keeping score at home, the standings in our coed league are – Tied for First Place: the awesome Tappa Kegga (my team) and the poser team with a porno name.

I also would like to thank Nikki Little with San Antonio Weddings Magazine for getting me hooked up and prime time. Of course I missed the cutoff for this issue of the magazine but rest assured I will have a smokin hot ad in the next issue. It’s going to be such a well designed ad, they are probably going to want to upgrade it to a larger ad for free or something. That’s just how I roll – so thanks in advance Nikki!


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Who knew?

So a friend was checking out this blog recently and was generous enough to take the time to inform me that the whole point of blogs is to regularly update them so people know what the hell is going on in your life\business – whatever… This came as quite a shock to me because I thought, you know, throw up a few clever posts and some pictures and everybody wins. Turns out I was wrong!

In light of these recent revelations, I am going to make an honest attempt to keep this thing up to date. Feel free to pester me via email or phone (not in person though because that would just be bad form) if you notice this blog has gone more than a week without an update. We may even turn this into a contest.

Speaking of contests, I have procured some new propaganda for Sprayberry Photography. This propaganda comes in the form of a bad ass t-shirt. People will probably be killing each other for these, I have no doubt. They won’t be available for purchase, the only way to obtain one of these works of art will be to either win one right here on the blog or to beg for one which may or may not work. I am currently in negotiations with several world class models to shoot pictures of these t-shirts just to taunt you. Be on the lookout…

Last but not least, because you’ve been so patient with me and this not so frequently updated blog, I have decided to enhance it for you viewing pleasure. Over the coming days, several new features will be added. Some of them for you, some of them for me. So there you have it, and thanks again for your patience…


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Joe Rogan vs. Carlos Mencia

So I am sure most of you know about and have seen the video Joe Rogan (host of Fear Factor) made where he gets up on stage and confronts Carlos Mencia about the fact that Carlos apparently steals jokes from other comedians. Of course, Carlos denies that he steals jokes while comedian after comedian goes on camera and says ‘Carlos stole my routine’. Apparently, George Lopez even got in a fight with Mencia about this after more then 13 minutes of Mencia’s 30 minute HBO Special was apparently lifted from Lopez’s routine. Anyway, the video Rogan vs. Mencia shows Rogan getting on stage and calling out Mencia while the crowd eggs both performers on.

This got me thinking two things, first, is there really any new comedy out there? Hasn’t every joke already been told and what we hear today just an old joke modified to fit today’s circumstances? Personally, I think Mencia is funny and I have never heard of most of the other comics Rogan interviews to reinforce his contention that Mencia is a material thief. Of course, Mencia I HAVE heard of. I think he is funny. So if Mencia tells a joke better than the other guy is it really stealing? The second thought I had was – Joe Rogan does comedy?

Anonymous - I was just writing something up about that!

Anonymous - Interesting post. Those “other comics” that confirmed Mencia’s wrongdoing are all well established Comics. Ari, the first on stage, is known as the “Amazing Racist”. His videos can be seen at

Bobby Lee, the Asian comic, had a stint on Mad TV and was clearly intimidated by the possibility of confrontation. Most Everyone knows George Lopez, Cheech, Paul Mooney, and Richard Pryor. No explanation of their works needed. Stealing other people’s material is as serious as Joe Rogan made it look. That is their meal-ticket. For the full scoop visit

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