My Bucket List

 I know this isn’t exactly a new idea, posting your bucket list on a blog, but I have always liked reading what other people’s goals are in life. So, I thought I would do it too, in case you’re kind of a voyeur like me, and also to remind me where I am trying to go and what I am trying to do.

  1. Start a blog. Completed  12/30/2006
  2. Finish restoring the Firebird.
  3. Find Snoopy brush. – Completed  06/17/2009
  4. Buy an investment property.
  5. Learn to fly an airplane.
  6. Live in Nashville… again. – Completed  03/09/2013
  7. Go sky diving.
  8. Teach Luke to ride his bike.
  9. Build a Mame cabinet.
  10. Turn the garage into a man cave.
  11. Travel to Europe.
  12. Take my son on a trip down Route 66 in the Firebird.
  13. Visit the Grand Canyon.
  14. Get PMP Certified. – Completed  08/06/2012
  15. Get below 200 pounds.
  16. Go on an Alaskan Cruise.
  17. Take Luke to see the Predators play in every arena in the NHL.
  18. Visit the hospital I was born in.
  19. Bowl a perfect game.
  20. Open a dog daycare.
  21. See a KU Basketball game at Allen Fieldhouse.
  22. Own a pinball machine – Completed  04/01/2014
  23. Vacation in Seattle.
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