Hello again, hello…

Who doesn’t like Neil Diamond? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?

So here I am keeping up with my pledged monthly update. HA! I tricked you there didn’t I? It’s not supposed to be a monthly update at all! Anyway, as luck would have it, June has turned out to be an incredibly busy month which is a good thing. MK and I haven’t had a free weekend since early May and we won’t have another one until late July. I would say that is awesome but my home owner’s association probably wishes I would mow my grass more often – so it’s only kind of awesome.

We’ve been meeting and shooting some really cool couples lately – you should be seeing them here over the next few days. We’ve also got some big news for the business that we’re not quite ready to announce yet so stay tuned for that. I am sure you’re also dying to know how softball is working out this summer. Well, I missed the first two games of the season. The first game, which the team won, I was still resting the injury. The second game, a loss, I had a portrait session. This week’s game, my first game back since rehab (the injury – not Betty Ford) was this week and we lost 7-9. I am happy to say though that the injury is 100% healed and it felt really good to be out there. Unless you count the losing part (which that Parks and Recreation Dept. does) that part didn’t feel so great.

I am also not so proud to report that I took a solid 3 weeks off the Wii Fit. I did get back on today though and it was nice of the Wii Fit to not only chastise me for taking so much time off but also to make fun of me for letting my balance slip a little. Gotta love technology. Anyway, for those keeping score at home, even without the intense training of the Wii Fit, I somehow managed to knock seven pounds off the ole frame which brings me to a not quite sveldt 226. Still a few cheeseburgers away from my sub-200 goal but better than where I was a couple of weeks ago.

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen – a Cliff’s Notes version of where we’ve been for the past three weeks. While we’re here, I would love to get some recommendations for new polls I can put here on the blog. Maybe we can mix in a prize for any poll suggestions we actually use…


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