Wii Fit…

I am having a Wii fit this evening. So unless you live in a cave, you’ve probably heard of Nintendo’s new Wii game, Wii Fit. It’s basically Nintendo’s valiant effort to get hardcore gamers like myself to be a little more active and a lot less fat. So like all really cool video game stuff, of course there are lines of people waiting to buy the latest and greatest the day it comes out and today was no different for Wii Fit.

So I took a little break from work this morning and ran over to Best Buy when it opened only to find a pretty good size line of people waiting to bogart all the Wii Fits. I got in said line and waited my turn only to come up second in line when they ran out. That was below average. Not one to be deterred in my mission to get skinny, I went to my secret weapon and I was able to score one of those little holy grails.

So there I was, staring at the Wii Fit all day waiting for MK to get home so we could set it up. When she finally did get home we went through the whole setup process. One funny thing, for those of you that own Wii’s and have created your own Mii, when you enter your height information and weighing yourself, in spite of your efforts to control your own physical appearance, Wii will modify your Mii’s appearance to match your actual height and weight. What was NOT so funny is apparently, according to the Fitness Gestapo at Nintendo, I am obese. Needless to say, instead of having a sveldt, studly looking Mii I now have a pudgy little Mii.

If I could return this game I might. Heh, just joking… probably… So far, Fit is pretty fun. Because I love and trust both people that read this blog, I am going to report my weight in what I intend to be weekly Wii Fit updates so you can follow my success and failures.

Week One – 232.

Here are some pictures of our first night futility for your viewing pleasure…


Kate - Hi,

You might remember me…I’m the flute player from the two weddings on Friday and Saturday :] I’m also a photographer [although not nearly as established] and so I looked up your website. You take amazing pictures…I had so much fun looking through all of them!


joe - ha! you and i are a lot alike.. both photogs… both got pudgy Miis… i just got my Wii Fit the other day for the woman and i to play with.

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