Ok, so I made a post here on Wednesday where I linked to a fake ad I put on Craigslist saying my dog had placed the ad trying to sell my wife’s cat. Two things have come to light since I placed that ad. First, I guess a lot of people in San Antonio check out Craigslist. Second, there are a lot of gullible and apparently instable people in San Antonio.

Let’s just say I received a response or two ranging from those that must have thought $5 was too much so they felt inclined to negotiate – to those that wanted to know where I lived so they could pick it up on their way home from work (no less than 10 of these requests) – to those that figured I would get a lot of responses and offered more than $5. There were a couple that said I was stupid for letting the cat go and one in particular questioned my manhood and called me quite a few colorful names. She said she already had too many cats but in spite of that she was coming to get my cat because obviously I was incapable of providing it with a proper home.

I showed these emails to my wife’s cat and told him if he didn’t straighten up I was sending him to live with crazy cat lady. We’ll see how that works out for me. So, consequently, I decided to take the ad down. I mean, it’s no secret that I am a registered gun owner but when you’re dealing with crazy cat lady who likely has Google Earth and Google Streets bookmarked, it’s probably just better to be safe than sorry.

For those of you that missed the ad, here it is for your viewing pleasure…

Happy Friday!


Rebecca - Um, does this mean I’m not getting the effeminate cat??? Srsly…those are soo hard to find…I guess it’s back to for me….

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