Well, well, well…

So, it appears as though we have a new blog layout working here… pretty snazzy eh? I would like to thank my good buddy and life long pal, Eric Doggett, for his assistance in getting this bad boy online. There is also a new fancy pants website coming to compliment the new blog layout so stay tuned… I am REALLY excited about the new website!

You’re probably wondering why there haven’t been many updates or pictures posted lately. Well, there are two reasons really. First, my friend Rebecca from Nashville is supposed to be notifying me when I am not posting at least once a week. Clearly she has dropped the ball here. Second, as weddings go, this is really about the only slow time of year in Texas. It actually has been a nice little break to let MK and I recharge and work on some of the behind the scenes stuff like the website, the blog, all those orders you placed that seemed like they took a while to get to you (that was all in your head by the way). So now we are all caught up and ready for the 2008 wedding season.

Speaking of new seasons, that’s right, it’s softball season again! So last night was our first game with good ole Tappa Kegga. First of all, I would like to make it clear that this is a co-ed team so it’s not really a fraternity despite the name. Second, ummmm, Tappa Kegga is not even a real fraternity name. I can’t believe you thought it was. Haha, you’re crazy!

Anyway, the team has been practicing for the better part of a month now. I use the phrase ‘the team’ loosely there because quite honestly, I didn’t feel like spending any of my few weekends off running around chasing a little ball all over creation so I went Allen Iverson on ‘the team’ and skipped those practices. The result of that decision was, I was the odd man out in the first game last night and did not get to play. I was pretty sure that decision was going to cost ole Tappa Kegga the game (I am joking about this) but, I was wrong. The final score was 22-2. So there you have it – ‘the team’ is 1-0 to start the season and I haven’t made a single error and my batting average is perfect so far.

On that note, I was also conned into playing on a co-ed team for my subdivision that will be playing on Friday nights. I have a funny feeling this stint is going to last only one season and not the whole year. I have this crazy feeling I am going to get injured and be hobbling around all day at someone’s wedding this spring and I just don’t want to do that so, unless they change nights for the summer season, I am probably going to be one and done for the subdivision team. The good news is, at least for the next couple of months, you should be seeing AT LEAST, two posts here per week.

So who is watching American Idol?


Rebecca - I have obviously been underperforming at my title of “blog-update-nagger”. However, now that I know what is expected, you will be living up to that two posts per week bit or else I will have to jump a Southwest flight to Texas to kick your lily rear…..

Eric Doggett - Snazzy new blog header there! 🙂

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