Don’t tase me bro!

So a friend or two from the bustling metropolis of Nashville were kind enough to point out to me that I’ve hardly posted at all since the softball season ended. While that may be true, I have good news. Not only will I be playing with the same bunch of scavengers from last year, it turns out my subdivision put together a coed team too and I have been summarily recruited. That’s right, I will be playing on TWO softball teams this year. At least for the first season.

I think MK is a little worried I am going to kill myself and, quite frankly, I can’t blame her for that. We will see how it goes though. I am excited and for those that can’t get enough of the softball post (and I know you’re out there….. mom….) this could be just your ticket to literally hours of entertainment in 2008. Ah, who am I kidding – I know you all tune into the blog just to hear that I broke my ankle in some bizarro beer run incident or something like that. Deep down though, I know you really read because you care… and stuff… so thanks man!

Anyway, to address the delinquency in posting I am just going to throw out some wisdom from the immortal philosopher, 50 Cent:

You complain that we don’t spend time,
When I’m OT on the grind going hard for mine.”

To be perfectly honest, I have no idea what that means but it sounds really cool so it has to be the reason. Speaking of cool, feel free to show some love to this week’s poll.

Till next time,


Rebecca - You know when you don’t blog we here in the bustling metropolis of Nashville start scouring the obits (on-line of course) for the greater San Antonio area…how else are we supposed to know that you are still alive and kickin’? ; )

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