All good things…

So it’s true, all good things do eventually come to an end. Haha! You probably thought I was talking about this awesome blog, since I have been a little remiss in updating lately. Actually, I was talking about our softball season. We lost two of our last three games, winning our season finale to go 2-8 on the season. Not exactly what we had hoped for but I think we had a good time – maybe! Anyway, I finally do have a picture of the team – pretty motley looking crew now that I really look at them.

As for the blog, it has been busy lately to put it mildly. I know it’s a good thing when a business is actually doing business but it did manage to take away from the blogging so I am happy to be back at it. Not to mention there are a ton of weddings to post. Stay tuned…


Dave Q. - First off, the dude in the middle has some sexy legs. And second, you are lucky your team won 2 games with a girl wearing flip-flops.

I heard that somewhere today.

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