Lamenting the Loss…

Ok, leeches. We lost 16-12. I had a really good feeling about last night too. So there you have it, the first three of you to comment, be sure and leave an email address or something so I can get in touch with you. What did I ever do to you karma? I hope you’re happy.

So that was below average but the morale here is, as always, think before you post! 🙂


Rebecca - I was really pulling for you for a win however I think I lost my focus while channeling winning thoughts to you because I was too busy trying to get the dancer in the post below to switch directions. I have spent way too much time over the last few days trying to get the lady to switch on command–all to no avail. Anyways, sorry to hear about the loss. Hope you had lots of sympathy beer after.

Brandy - Sorry to hear about the loss…you should really stop the whole posting the day before saying how you’re gonna win…you are puttin a crazy jinx on your team 🙂

Kirstin - You are crazy, stranger! What is winning anyways? You had fun while you played, right? I know, that is a very girl thing to say. Hopefully you and your team are not too heartbroken!

Dave Q. - Loser.

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