What the #%^*?

Ok, first things first. Who in the Sam Hill voted for Kwanza as the best holiday? Sometimes I think I have a blog readership with a few closet short bus riders. Of course that would make me a short bus driver and you can’t exactly pimp a short bus so I am retracting the short bus reader comment… for now…

So I am sure you’re all just chomping at the bit to know how our softball team did this week. Well, the truth is, we still only have one win BUT at least this week I didn’t personally have the Parks and Recreation Department questioning their decision to move us up based purely on my play! I actually did alright this week for an old guy. Of course, we still lost but that didn’t make my post-game beer go down any less smoothly. I mean, you had to see how bad I was last week to appreciate my pride in this week’s demonstration of mediocrity. Seriously!

Like last week, I had to get the softball update out early so as to NOT cover up the awesome images we shot on Saturday. This weekend I did an e-session with Brandy and Dusty. E-session is short for engagement session for those keeping score at home. Anyway, I absolutely LOVED this session and I am pretty sure you will too unless you’re blind or something. These two were just naturals in front of the camera and I think you will see that if I ever get some highlights of their session posted.

I know I joked about this a couple of months back but I am going to have an honest to goodness contest right here on the ole blog-o-rama! That’s right kids, I am seriously thinking about giving away an AWESOME Sprayberry Photography t-shirt. You can’t buy these things in stores and not just because no stores really carry them – although that’s probably part of it.

Seriously, who wouldn’t want to wear our propaganda around town – or some other town if you’re not in San Antonio? I might even break down and get some people to model these t-shirts for your viewing pleasure. How about them apples?

Anyway, feel free to break off a comment if you have a good idea for a contest because the sooner we get a winner for this unknown contest, the sooner someone is going to have the BEST CHRISTMAS they’ve ever had in their entire life… maybe…


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