Our Geocache…

So, Luke and I have gotten pretty serious about Geocaching. After finding quite a few caches on our own, we’ve decided to hide a cache of our own. After a lot of thought about what we should do with it, we’ve decided on this:

Our cache is going to be hidden in a low traffic, foresty area. We’re going to hide a game camera to take pictures of the people as they’re searching for it. Then we will put those pictures on this blog. Inside the cache, we’ve got a bunch of those cheesy plastic decoder rings you used to get as a kid in a Happy Meal or a box of Cracker Jacks. We are going to put a coded message in the cache, along with the rings, that gives the URL for this blog. Once they decode it, they will be able to go to the blog and see pictures of themselves searching for the cache.

Pretty fun idea if you ask me.

We’ve got our cache container, we’ve got the game camera and we’ve got the decoder rings. Now we need to figure out how to secure the camera to the tree so it doesn’t get stolen. We’ve also got to get permission of the property owner where we are planning to place the cache. After that, we have to register it with Geocaching.com and let the fun begin.

Do you have a great idea for a geocache hide? If so, place it in the comments and maybe we will steal your idea and use it for our second hide!

Our cache

Our cache

Inside our cache

Cache and the game camera

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