Nike+ is killin me man!

For those of you that are not aware of Nike+, Nike+ is a collaboration between Nike and Apple to try and make exercise fun… allegedly… The way it works is, you buy a special pair of Nike shoes (apparently in the near future all of them will work) that can accommodate a little device that gets put into a cavity hidden under the insole. This little device communicates with an iPod Nano (currently only works with a Nano) and it keeps track of all of your running stats. When I say ‘all’ of your running stats, I mean ALL of them. It will keep the time, distance and speed both for an individual workout and for a cumulative total. It also keeps track of how fast and how far you ran when a particular song was playing on the iPod. A little voice will come on while you’re running to give your progress reports on how you’re doing.

Of course, all this extremely important data can then be transferred, via iTunes, to your computer and consequently logged onto a special Nike+ website. You can keep track of all of this online. Not only that but you can challenge all your friends to little distance, or speed competitions which can also be tracked online – I am assuming for bragging rights or some such non-sense. Allegedly, there is a widget that will let me post my progress on this blog which I will figure out one of these days.

So, I bought a pair of shoes and I bought the little thing that goes in the shoes and the thing that plugs into the iPod. I’ve even gone so far as to break down and create an account on Nike+. Now all I have to do is just start running.

Of course, upon learning that I had caved into the Nike\Apple consumerism, my friend Nathan just had to break down and challenge me. Now I have to run 10 miles before he does. Upon further review, it looks like Nathan has added his wife Nicole to the challenge so I am adding her to the poll. I am not sure how well I am doing since he challenged me Monday morning and I’ve been busy both Monday night and last night. For all I know, he might have figured out a way to attach that thing to his car and he is already finished. Regardless, until I get the widget for the blog figured out, I will keep you posted on my progress here. I will also make that this week’s Poll Question!

For those keeping score at home, we lost our last game of the summer softball season. I attribute that to everyone knowing that we had already won first place in the league whether we won last Tuesday or not. So everyone took it easy and coasted into 1st place with a loss. I’m not bitter about it though. We finished 8-2 and I got a fancy t-shirt. Of course, Nick got a t-shirt too and he didn’t even show up for the last 4 games so I am not exactly sure how much stock I can put into the awesomeness of the t-shirt.

Stay tuned for an update later this week about my cruise through the Hill Country in a convertible last night. It will definitely have me lamenting about my own apathy toward getting my own convertible restored. For your viewing pleasure, he is a picture of the ’67 Firebird convertible that STILL sits in my garage – virtually untouched for about 3 years…


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