I’ve been waiting…

I have been waiting a while for the opportunity to take Luke Geocaching. I always knew it would be something he would love. His mom and I actually took him a couple of times when he was a baby. Now that he is turning 4, he is old enough to understand what’s going on and actually help in the search. It’s been a lot of fun for both of us.

His very first find was a simple Altoids can in a pine tree at a park not far from our house. He was pretty excited when we found it but not as excited as I was for him. In the picture below, you can see it hidden in the tree above his left shoulder.

Since we’ve started, we’ve found 10 caches now. We’ve found one that had a lot of sweet loot in it – Luke chose a can of Playdoh over Glowstix. In another cache we found a Travel Bug that wants to go to Germany. I have a good friend at work that is going to France next month and she is going to take it and hide it in a cache there for us.

The Travel Bug find led us to buy some Travel Bugs of our own. We are going to send them to the cities where each of us were born – San Antonio, TX – Webster, TX and Des Moines, IA.

This has also led us to discussions about placing a cache of our own. More to come on that…



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