Aerosmith – who knew?

As the 5 of you that read this blog already know, I went to Vegas with my friend Nick last week. We were there to help some friends with their RFID equipment at a convention hosted by the network router manufacturer, Cisco. I think the event was a big success, but the biggest success from my perspective was that Cisco actually had Aerosmith do a private show for all their employees at the convention! Of course Nick (aka Tricky) and I were able to slide in undetected. Who knew Aerosmith put on such a good show? I mean I was expecting to see a bunch of AARP banners and people riding around on stage on their little Scooter Store electric chairs. Not exactly how Aerosmith rolls apparently…

So someone started a nasty rumor that this blog is supposed to be hosted by a guy that shoots weddings but ironically, there are like ZERO pictures on this blog – which seems a tad odd. Anyway, I wanted to break off a few Aerosmith pictures because, you know, what bride wouldn’t think pictures from a concert would be adequate material for determining that a photographer was capable of covering her wedding? Before I do show them off though I have to make two qualifications. First, I didn’t bring any professional gear with me to Vegas, all these pictures were taken with a $300 point and shoot camera just like your grandma uses (except mine is digital). Second, Cisco was kind enough to have free beer and food for all the attendees. I am only speculating on the food because I saw lots of food there and and I didn’t see anyone paying for it. I am also, probably, only speculating on the free beer too because I know I had some beer and I know I didn’t pay for it so I am hoping it was free. Third, points one and two are clearly evident in the quality of these pictures so I hope your expectations aren’t too high. Fourth, if you’re a bride looking to judge me on the quality of my concert photo taking ability, you should really use my Britney Spears concert shots as your guage.

Last but not least, because I know you are probably about to do something dangerous due to the stress of NOT knowing how our softball team did in my absence, I am here to ease your pain. It turns out that the two teams we were scheduled to play knew nothing of my absence and were too intimidated to show up. Therefore, we were the benefactors of two forfeits. That brings our record to 8-1 on the season with one game left to go and that is tonight. Coincidentally, the team that WAS tied with us for first place happened to lose while I was gone so now, win or lose tonight, our team is going to win the awesome title of ‘Alva Jo Fisher Softball Complex Tuesday Night Coed Recreational Summer Softball League Champions!’ Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

Now without further adieu… a few Aerosmith pictures… yes we had pretty good seats that we didn’t pay for…


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