Valentine’s Day…

So I am going to take a slightly different tack than the normal posts you will see about Valentine’s Day. I don’t really feel like I fall into the ‘it’s the most romantic day of the year’ camp any more than I fall into the ‘it’s the most overtly commercial waste of all time’ camp. I just think Valentine’s Day is just kind of funny to watch – a spectator sport if you will.

Regarding those that actively participate, it seems to me you typically fit into one of a couple of different categories – you participate because you are scared to find out what will happen if you don’t.

 Or, you look upon this as the one day of the year you can openly express your inner-stalker without all the typical ridicule and other law enforcement fanfare. In this regard I would say it is very similar to Halloween in that women get to unleash their inner-slut without repercusions (more on this in October). But today, today is your day to stalk, closet stalker – now go make the most of it. Seriously, there is a Bud Light ‘Real American Genius’ commercial in there some where.

Then there is the guy (or girl) that just won’t let it go. These situations always make me think of this funny poster I saw once regarding  Persistence. Digging their hole even deeper by over- gifting someone on Valentine’s Day that has no interest in your gifts. This is just a Drew Barrymore movie waiting to happen. Speaking of Drew Barrymore, is it me or are they trying to turn her into the next Meg Ryan? I, for one, am NOT buying it. Meg Ryan was cute, Drew Barrymore is ummmm, NOT!

The one good thing I see in Valentine’s Day is that there are a lot of guys out there that will be proposing to their significant others today. Hopefully, I will get a call or seven about shooting their pending nuptials. For all you fellas out there, like David Quesada, long overdue on asking some young lady to be your wife – now would be a good time to check my availability!’

Happy Valentines Day!!!

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