Giving Thanks!

For Thanksgiving this year, MK and I went to North Carolina to visit her mom, her brother and her brother’s girlfriend. It was a magical trip, full of food, football and food. As I was sitting there watching football (and probably eating), one of the commentators asked me, his listening audience, what I was thankful for that day. So as I was sitting there thinking about all the things I am thankful for, I thought about one thing that has really been pretty special to me and that is all the awesome gifts I get from the couples MK and I work with. Haha, I’m kidding… probably… Of course, I am also thankful that they thought enough of us to not only shoot their weddings for them but to also be there with them on what is a very important day. I know, we’ve all heard the jokes about weddings and marriage in general but it really is an important day and it means a lot to us when we’re asked to participate. Also, I like the gifts I get. Haha, just joking again, probably, again…

MK and I went up to Gruene to shoot an engagement session the day after my birthday this year (Novemeber 13th for those looking to mark their gifting calendars for 2009). We were pretty pumped to be working with Katie and Dave, not just because she promised to bake us cookies (which we are still waiting for by the way… just sayin…) but also because Katie has been so energetic and so much fun as we’ve gotten to know her. So MK and I roll into town and when we meet up with Katie and Dave, I got a big hug, a big bag of Skittles and a gift card to Sonic for my birthday! How awesome is that? It’s like they’ve read the blog or something and knew that Skittles were my favorite candy in the whole world and that I love Sonic more than life itself! Awesome work Katie and Dave! Now how about those cookies?  🙂

A few days later we met with a really awesome couple we HOPE to be working with next year, Janell and Jason. Somewhere on our webpage I make reference to the fact that we gladly accept credit cards, checks, cash and Jelly Bellys. So what do you think Janell and Jason brought to the studio for their consult? That’s right, a BIG bag of Jelly Bellys. That, of course, was awesome BUT unfortunately our accountant said we couldn’t really accept them as payment. Sorry about that. 🙂

So back to things I am thankful for, I am really thankful for all the couples kind enough to invite us to be a part of one of the biggest days of their lives. I am also thankful for all the awesome gifts they give me. I also like a nice big juicy steak from Outback but that is a whole other blog post! Until, feast your eyes on these…

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