Baxter, you know I don’t speak Spanish!

In keeping with my bi-annual blog posting schedule, I bring you today’s entry. So as some of you know (probably none of you), MK and I recently celebrated our Second Wedding Anniversary. Ettiquette states that when gifting for their First Anniversary you should give a gift of paper. A lot of people don’t know this but the Second Anniversary is DOG!

It was in that light that I got my wife a new puppy. We actually discussed it quite a bit prior to actually pulling the trigger but we were able to find a puppy at an Animal Rescue up near Marble Falls. We were looking for a puppy that was the same breed as our current AWESOME dog, a Blue Heeler. We were pretty excited when we found Baxter in spite of the two hour drive each way to get her. Gotta love them there internets.

Turns out, in the 10 years I’ve had Blue, I had somehow magically forgotten about all the joys of puppy ownership. Getting perpetually scratched, bitten, licked and jumped on when you least expect it – cleaning up destruction and puppy pee. Ahhhh the joys…

I tease MK about Baxter being ‘special needs’ since puppies are always so uncoordinated and hyper – that part is actually pretty entertaining. So as I introduce my blog audience (all both of you) to Baxter, I decided to pick a picture of her where she looks exactly like you might picture a curious, awkwardly uncoordinated puppy or as I like to call her, Corky. For your viewing pleasure…


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