Life’s Greatest Quandaries…

So here I am sitting here thinking how awesome it would be if I had some Skittles right now. I have a bag of M&Ms but it just isn’t the same. Why is that? While we’re on the subject of Skittles, a little known fact about my dog is that she was almost named Skittles due to an unfortunate incident. I used to keep a bowl of Skittles on my desk, not because I am an addict or anything, and somehow my dog was able to knock that bowl off the desk when I was out of the house. So being just a wee little pup and lacking proper adult dog reasoning skills, she ate the whole one pound bag.

I came home to find technicolor barf stains all over the carpet – upstairs and down. It took me a couple minutes to figure out what in the sam hill was going on. I had a hard time restraining myself because I do love some Skittles. It was a little costly to get the carpet clean but to this day it still makes me chuckle.

Another little known fact is that I sometimes wait months, close to a year to name my pets. It’s not out of the realm of possibilities that I could have a pet chose to abandon me simply becuase they don’t get a name. Having said that, a pet’s name should have some meaning so I think it is important to pick a good one.

Anyway, her name is Blue but it was almost Skittles. Now you know, the REST of the story…

Rumor has it, it’s been a while since I posted. Because all three people that read this blog were so patient with me, I hope to update more frequently because there is exciting news coming down the pike.


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