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Ok, so it seems that there is at least one procrastinator out there that would rather read this blog than work. Surprisingly, that person is not my mom. So I will give a little update on what is going on in our world AND then bury this post beneath a new post with a wedding featuring the gorgeous nurse Mandy, and her doctor of a husband, Andy.

So as some of you may or may not know, MK and I have acquired a new studio – pictures forth coming. We are really excited about it for several reasons, the least of which being that I can blame my inattentiveness to the blog on the fact that I have been painting and laying hard wood flooring. Who knew I had skills like that? I sure didn’t…

Speaking of business related stuff and mad building skills, I am putting all those really expensive power tools in my garage to good use and building a photobooth. Yep, just like the ones you used to clown in at the mall or skating rink when you were a nutty little teenager. Unfortunately for some of you, we will only be making this photobooth available to our wedding couples and, of course, all of our parties at Casa Sprayberry.

Speaking of parties, feel free to go ahead and mark October 31st off your calendar this year on the off chance you get an invite to the most awesome Halloween Party EVER! The Second Annual (except that we took two years off) Sprayberry Halloween Extravaganza! Details coming eventually…

Also, miracle of all miracles, it has actually rained enough in San Antonio over the last two weeks to cancel not one but TWO softball games. How about them apples? Plus, my lawn probably needs to be mowed. Our dog won’t even go in the back yard anymore to take care of her business because the grass has gotten so high, it allegedly rubs her belly. She is finicky like that I guess.

In honor of the fine folks at Budweiser selling their soul to the Belgians, this week’s (actually this month’s) poll has to do with beverages of the malted hops variety. I like beer. In spite of this fact, I am still dominating MK at the Wii Fit. Current weight for yours truly, 220. That is a sveldt 15 pounds less than the last time you saw me. Seriously, you might not even be able to see me now!

That is all I have for now, unless you count Mandy and Andy’s wedding which was awesome! Guaranteed to be posted before 5:00 PM CDT.


Shannon C - Perfect! Thank You. My post processing does not thank you, but my overloaded brain does. I can finish those print orders now.

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