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Road rage?

I was driving in to work today and I kind of pulled a dick move. I was at a 4 way stop next to a semi truck. There was another 4 way stop about 50 ft. ahead and the semi couldn’t go because traffic had backed up at the next 4 way stop and he […]

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What happens when you kiss girls…

Mary Kate and I started a team in a bowling league this Fall. It was supposed to be just a fun, relaxing way to drink a little beer, get a little exercise and maybe meet a few people. We invited David and Mari to be on our team along with Jason and Javan. Things started […]

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It’s all about the hair…

Many, many decades ago, there was this social networking site on the internet called MySpace. Back in the day, it was a pretty cool place to keep up with your friends, long before it was taken over by teeny boppers and thugs. So I am only mildly embarassed to admit that many moons ago, I […]

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Let me count the ways…

So there I was at the grocery store the other day, Tuesday to be exact, cruising down the frozen food aisle searching for my favorite Boston Market frozen whatever… I don’t know why I never think about them when they aren’t staring me in the face but this particular day, out of the corner of […]

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D e e p     T h o u g h t