Monthly Archives: September 2008

Say What?

I know I am not supposed to talk about controversial topics like money, religion or politics here on the blog but with yesterday’s headlines I just have to address the story of the day. That’s right, Clay Aiken is officially gay! I know a lot of you have the same reaction to that story that […]

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Dear Deoderant Makers…

Dear Deoderant Makers, I know this will seem like an odd rant but I feel I need to share something with you that has been bothering me for the last four or five years. You see, I am just an average guy – a regular joe if you will. I just want a regular old run […]

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Life’s Greatest Quandaries…

So here I am sitting here thinking how awesome it would be if I had some Skittles right now. I have a bag of M&Ms but it just isn’t the same. Why is that? While we’re on the subject of Skittles, a little known fact about my dog is that she was almost named Skittles […]

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