Monthly Archives: August 2007

Horbi loves Jib Jab…

The other day at work, my buddy Horbi sends out this email to everyone on the IT team. Turns out Horbi was actually doing some work on this particular day and came up with this interesting little video starring another buddy of mine, David (you can call him DQ) and me. Since Horbi typically does […]

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Aerosmith – who knew?

As the 5 of you that read this blog already know, I went to Vegas with my friend Nick last week. We were there to help some friends with their RFID equipment at a convention hosted by the network router manufacturer, Cisco. I think the event was a big success, but the biggest success from […]

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Viva Las Vegas…

Well today Nick and I are heading off to the cool and tranquil climate of Las Vegas to get our gamble on. Oh we may just break down and do a little work while we’re there but make no mistake about it, this is a working VACATION! We leave San Antonio around 9 pm and […]

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Bourne Ultimatum…

So I am typically not a ‘go to the movies’ kind of guy. Having spent a fair amount of money on a home theater system, I tend to find myself waiting for movies to come out on HBO or Showtime in HD. Of course, my wife talks me into these things from time to time […]

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