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Road rage?

I was driving in to work today and I kind of pulled a dick move. I was at a 4 way stop next to a semi truck. There was another 4 way stop about 50 ft. ahead and the semi couldn’t go because traffic had backed up at the next 4 way stop and he […]

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Oh Yeah!!!

So in keeping with my resolution to blog every day in 2009, here is my latest daily installment. Ha! You see how I did that? I just acted like I’ve been blogging the whole time and probably some people didn’t even notice that I missed a day or two in there. That is totally awesome! […]

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Say What?

I know I am not supposed to talk about controversial topics like money, religion or politics here on the blog but with yesterday’s headlines I just have to address the story of the day. That’s right, Clay Aiken is officially gay! I know a lot of you have the same reaction to that story that […]

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Is it me???

So in addition to Jack Handy’s awesome thought for the day, I thought I would leave you with this – so you too can lose sleep over it… So MK and I were visiting with some awesome clients we will be shooting next year at Center Point Station in San Marcos. When ever we go […]

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D e e p     T h o u g h t