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How you doin…

Someone asked me today if I neglected to post about last night’s softball game because we lost. After repeatedly pummeling that old lady, I regained my composure and assured her that while we had indeed lost the game, I wasn’t running from said loss and I would post about it before the end of the […]

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Well, well, well…

So, it appears as though we have a new blog layout working here… pretty snazzy eh? I would like to thank my good buddy and life long pal, Eric Doggett, for his assistance in getting this bad boy online. There is also a new fancy pants website coming to compliment the new blog layout so […]

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Aerosmith – who knew?

As the 5 of you that read this blog already know, I went to Vegas with my friend Nick last week. We were there to help some friends with their RFID equipment at a convention hosted by the network router manufacturer, Cisco. I think the event was a big success, but the biggest success from […]

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Visitors from the Middle East…

So some of the more observant visitors to the blog have noticed the world map of the blog hits and asked me about it. Those are actual locations of people checking out the blog and yes there are some hits from both Afghanistan and Iraq. It turns out, I may be shooting a wedding in the Spring of […]

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