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Pinball Wizard…

So, many moons ago when I was a young man, my good friend Ryan and I spent a small fortune in an arcade. Pinball was our game of choice and there were two pinball machines we played religiously – Cyclone and High Speed. I think for the amount of money we spent playing them over […]

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Pure craziness…

Ok, so it seems that there is at least one procrastinator out there that would rather read this blog than work. Surprisingly, that person is not my mom. So I will give a little update on what is going on in our world AND then bury this post beneath a new post with a wedding […]

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Hello again, hello…

Who doesn’t like Neil Diamond? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone? So here I am keeping up with my pledged monthly update. HA! I tricked you there didn’t I? It’s not supposed to be a monthly update at all! Anyway, as luck would have it, June has turned out to be an incredibly busy month which is a […]

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Wii Fit…

I am having a Wii fit this evening. So unless you live in a cave, you’ve probably heard of Nintendo’s new Wii game, Wii Fit. It’s basically Nintendo’s valiant effort to get hardcore gamers like myself to be a little more active and a lot less fat. So like all really cool video game stuff, […]

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