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What happens when you kiss girls…

Mary Kate and I started a team in a bowling league this Fall. It was supposed to be just a fun, relaxing way to drink a little beer, get a little exercise and maybe meet a few people. We invited David and Mari to be on our team along with Jason and Javan. Things started […]

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Hello again, hello…

Who doesn’t like Neil Diamond? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone? So here I am keeping up with my pledged monthly update. HA! I tricked you there didn’t I? It’s not supposed to be a monthly update at all! Anyway, as luck would have it, June has turned out to be an incredibly busy month which is a […]

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Paintball and other oddities…

From time to time I do the occasional thing that has no meaning and no real purpose. For the most part MK puts up with this kind of non-sense and allows me to have my fun. The current oddity is paintball. I don’t know why but I’ve just recently decided that I need to get […]

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How you doin…

Someone asked me today if I neglected to post about last night’s softball game because we lost. After repeatedly pummeling that old lady, I regained my composure and assured her that while we had indeed lost the game, I wasn’t running from said loss and I would post about it before the end of the […]

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Well, well, well…

So, it appears as though we have a new blog layout working here… pretty snazzy eh? I would like to thank my good buddy and life long pal, Eric Doggett, for his assistance in getting this bad boy online. There is also a new fancy pants website coming to compliment the new blog layout so […]

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