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I am Certifiable….

Bucket List Item: Get PMP Certified. This was on the Bucket List more from an accomplishment standpoint much more so than a ‘hey, this would be fun’ kinda thing. Because it wasn’t fun. In fact, it sucked. It sucked hard, like few things in my life ever had or have since. I am thrilled to […]

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Is it me???

So in addition to Jack Handy’s awesome thought for the day, I thought I would leave you with this – so you too can lose sleep over it… So MK and I were visiting with some awesome clients we will be shooting next year at Center Point Station in San Marcos. When ever we go […]

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Pure craziness…

Ok, so it seems that there is at least one procrastinator out there that would rather read this blog than work. Surprisingly, that person is not my mom. So I will give a little update on what is going on in our world AND then bury this post beneath a new post with a wedding […]

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Hello again, hello…

Who doesn’t like Neil Diamond? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone? So here I am keeping up with my pledged monthly update. HA! I tricked you there didn’t I? It’s not supposed to be a monthly update at all! Anyway, as luck would have it, June has turned out to be an incredibly busy month which is a […]

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Is it Easter yet?

Haha, I sure tricked you there didn’t I? Easter was last week! So needless to say, if you talked to me last week, you could probably tell we were a little busy. Between several consultations, two engagement sessions, two beautiful weddings, a softball loss (yes I snuck that in) and the Easter Bunny visiting – […]

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