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Ok, so I made a post here on Wednesday where I linked to a fake ad I put on Craigslist saying my dog had placed the ad trying to sell my wife’s cat. Two things have come to light since I placed that ad. First, I guess a lot of people in San Antonio check […]

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How you doin…

Someone asked me today if I neglected to post about last night’s softball game because we lost. After repeatedly pummeling that old lady, I regained my composure and assured her that while we had indeed lost the game, I wasn’t running from said loss and I would post about it before the end of the […]

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Viva Las Vegas…

Well today Nick and I are heading off to the cool and tranquil climate of Las Vegas to get our gamble on. Oh we may just break down and do a little work while we’re there but make no mistake about it, this is a working VACATION! We leave San Antonio around 9 pm and […]

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