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Holly Jolly Christmas!

So it’s that time of year again. Time for the annual Sprayberry Family Christmas Photo! This year I decided to take the photo and not be in it AND Thomas wasn’t playing nice with the pups so he got a solo image. Baxter is still learning the etiquette of Christmas imaging but what else would […]

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Baxter, you know I don’t speak Spanish!

In keeping with my bi-annual blog posting schedule, I bring you today’s entry. So as some of you know (probably none of you), MK and I recently celebrated our Second Wedding Anniversary. Ettiquette states that when gifting for their First Anniversary you should give a gift of paper. A lot of people don’t know this […]

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Life’s Greatest Quandaries…

So here I am sitting here thinking how awesome it would be if I had some Skittles right now. I have a bag of M&Ms but it just isn’t the same. Why is that? While we’re on the subject of Skittles, a little known fact about my dog is that she was almost named Skittles […]

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Is it Easter yet?

Haha, I sure tricked you there didn’t I? Easter was last week! So needless to say, if you talked to me last week, you could probably tell we were a little busy. Between several consultations, two engagement sessions, two beautiful weddings, a softball loss (yes I snuck that in) and the Easter Bunny visiting – […]

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